We rent out Industrial Sewing Machines

A lot of clients are renting the Industrial Sewing Machines from us instead of buying them outright as it gives them the flexibility of getting the machines into their workshops for that special project when they need it and returning the machine back to us when the job is done without the need for a large capital outlay
We set the machines up for that particular job according to the materials they will be using and provide initial tuition on how to operate the machine in order to eliminate little niggle starting problems
If they like the machine and more work is coming in they can buy the machine after the initial 3 months rental or continue to rent – the choice is theirs
Today we delivered our 5 thread Industrial Overlocker Sewing Machine to a regular client who is expanding his family business but did not want to purchase the machine outright before trying it out to see if the extra machine will definitely benefit his business Рso watch this space for further updates


If you have a project but have no machines, get in touch

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